The Principle

The principle of the OXT-01 system is to transform a wall into a sound membrane, whether it is wood, plasterboard, glass, composite materials, …
The material becomes a loudspeaker and makes it possible to cover all frequencies in a complete, harmonious and homogeneous manner. The bandwidth is 40 to 15,000 Hz.
This innovative technology provides significant advantages over traditional speakers.

• High quality, the sound is called “volumic” and completely fills the spaces, unlike traditional speakers which emit directional sound.

• Or whether he is in the room, the customer of a store, a restaurant, a hotel, the resident of a senior home… will hear the same volume of sound. The sound becomes spatial, enveloping, non-aggressive and provides a serene and soothing atmosphere. It brings unparalleled comfort to customers in these establishments.

  • Total discretion
  • It is fixed behind materials or inside furniture
  • A clean environment free from any visual disturbance.
  • Great ease of installation
  • Due to its invisibility, the product is inaccessible to vandalism
  • The transformation of your environment into a speaker with very good quality sound: plasterboard partitions, wood panels, floors, glass surfaces, furniture and other composites materials….
ambiance musicale

Simplicity of implementation

The OXT-01 system is installed simply, quickly and completely invisible. It connects to any amplifier like any other speaker. It can be connected to a Hi-Fi system, but also thanks to its amplifier, to an MP3 player, a mobile phone with a bluetooth system, a computer or any other means of broadcasting.


We have developed with 3M France a high performance double-sided adhesive to ensure perfect bonding with a very long lifespan.

The surfaces must be flat and degreased with the 3M wipe provided.

Precautions of use

The efficiency of the OXT-01 depends on the acoustic characteristics of the support on which they are installed at the point of attachment.
Perform a material noise performance test beforehand in order to choose the best location.
Move the OXT-01 away from the edge of the mat or any reinforcement point at least 15cm.

Technical specifications

  • Nominal impedance:8 Ohms (4 Ohms version on request)
  • Available in a version with transformer for a 100v line.
  • Bandwidth: 40Hz to 15 kHz
  • 87dB
  • Nominal power: 25 watts
  • Maximum admissible power: 30 watts
  • Dimensions: 75 x 75 x38 mm
  • Weight: 0,500 kg