OXT-01, a new 360 degrees
sound adventure

Transform materials into sound



the revolutionary sound device


OXT-01 is a device which, by vibration, transforms the surfaces of your environment (walls, ceilings, mirrors, furniture, etc,.) into invisible speakers. It fits into walls, partitions,or ceilings during construction or renovation. OXT-01 diffuses acoustic frequencies restored and amplified by the support on which it is fixed.

Unique technology
which makes
matter vibrate


You will discover another way of listening to music with the invisible speaker OXT-01 which turns any surface into a speaker by vibrating the supports on which the product is fixed. You can, for example, place OXT-01 on a bay window to enjoy your favorite songs from both sides with excellent sound quality!


Turns all surfaces into sound

This technology transforms surfaces with other functions, such as partitions, ceilings, glass, mirrors, false ceilings, wooden furniture panels and other composite panels, into invisible loudspeakers.

The applications are endless, especially in the housing sector, transport, commercial places, companies, swimming pools, spa hotels, design offices, architectural firm, etc.

salon vu du dessus

Space is changing

New totally revolutionary invisible sound concept
for immersive HIFI sound


Areas of use

For the public, professionals or individuals